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Private coaching sessions to teach you how to effectively use social media to grow your business.

Provide a detailed critique of your current platforms, how you can make small tweaks to create big changes, and more!

Consistent check-ins after training to ensure you are comfortable running your social media channels.


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Ad Campaign Execution

Create & optimize paid advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Build creative campaigns to drive new brand awareness, customer acquisition and sales.

Help connect and develop partnerships in the industry to drive brand awareness through influencer outreach.



Conduct a comprehensive audit of your social media to develop a strategy to achieve goals efficiently, including providing best practices tailored to your brand.

Create customized monthly content calendar to schedule posts across all social media channels.

Includes Ads Campaign Execution service.

As a boutique agency, we provide our clients with a highly customized experience because we know not one size fits all. We are always on the cusp of what's next to keep your brand relevant in the industry.